Prayers of the People

Each week in our contemporary (Ancient/Modern) service we say the Prayers of the People.  One person writes the prayers, then the sections are read by different people.  In between each section, we sing “You hear us calling, Abba Father” by the Brilliance (officially named “Prayers of the People”. Here is the video: Prayers of the People.)

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.56.57 PM
A person in prayer: Fresco from the Catacomb via Anopo on the via Salaria 3rd Centrury Rome

For Easter 2A, April 23, 2017  by S.K. and as noted

Praise to you, our God and Creator! Your creativity is matched by your compassion! Today is a new day in the life of creation. Let us see and hear, taste, touch, and smell the thrill of your grace, and the pulse of your spirit in and through all creation. Oh God, who dances in creation, who embraces us with human love, who shakes our lives like thunder, You bless us and send us out with power To fill the world with your justice.   Lord, hear our prayer.  – (Based on Earth Gospel: a guide to prayer for God’s creation, Page 50)

O God, we long for you will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.  We long for peace on earth.  We cry out against violence.  We see what is happening in Syria, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan.  We join our hearts with all the suffering people of the Middle East.  We hear ominous forecasts of massive famine in Africa; Lord, have mercy!.   We long for stability on the Korean peninsula where the danger of nuclear weapons is unimaginable!  O God, give leaders China and the rest of the world wisdom to work for peace and for justice.   Lord, hear our prayer.

We pray for our country O God.  May honesty and integrity be present in every meeting, in every speech and in every intention of our government. May we be a country of welcome to the stranger.  May we be a people of compassion and understanding for those different from ourselves.  May we use our great wealth and resources to bless refugees and homeless people.  We pray for wisdom for all of those in positions of responsibility, for president Trump, Governor Ivey, Mayor Craft.  May they and all their advisors and subordinates use their positions to do justice, to promote fairness and equality for all of our people, both citizens and guests, and may they have the humility to listen to wise counsel, for the sake of the common good.  O Lord, hear our prayer.

For the church around the world; we pray for unity.  May we be a blessing to our world.  May we be blessed on our mission to bring the good news of the kingdom of God to everyone.  Bless we pray our work for justice and our ministries of compassion.  Bless us as we advocate for the marginalized and discriminated against.  Bless our people with big hearts and open hands.  Bless our leaders with creativity and insight.  Bless our children with courage and love.  Bless the ones who cannot gather with us with the knowledge that we have not forgotten them.  Give us all generosity and hope for our community.   Lord, hear our prayer.

For April 16, 2017 Easter Sunday  by S.K.

O God, source of all being, source of life, source of new life, source of new days dawning, of resurrections from the dead, we lift up our hearts in awe, in wonder, and in gratitude.  We name you, but know you are un-namable.  You are invisible, but we see you in every act of compassion, every striving for justice, every humble forgiveness.  You are the love that draws us to love, the lure towards goodness, the possibility of newness, even of resurrection.  You are the song of the universe, and the very ground of being, the goodness that gives us joy, the hope that inspires us to work for  a better world.  Lord, hear our prayer.

O God of all people, we cry out for the suffering of people created in your image.  We dare to hope and pray for new life where there is only the stink of death. We lift up our hearts for the massive suffering in Africa.  We pray for the people of Syria, those still there, and the thousands of refugees who have fled for their lives.  We pray for those who serve our country, for their safety and swift return. We pray for our planet, the creation that you have made.  We pray about the danger to our air, our water, our oceans and to agriculture that we humans are responsible for.  We pray for courage and dedication for all who are working to bring awareness of what is happening to our climate.   Lord, hear our prayer.

We pray for our country O God.  We pray that we would be a nation of justice and of tolerance.  We pray that we would be a place of welcome to the stranger and the refugee, and a place of compassion for the weak and the vulnerable.  We pray that we would be a nation of grace and wisdom towards other nations.  We pray that we would show calm leadership and reasoned restraint when the potential for conflict is present.  We know that we are called to pray for those in authority over us, so we pray for wisdom for all of those in positions of responsibility, for president Trump, Governor Ivey, Mayor Craft.  May they and all their advisors and subordinates use their positions to do justice, to promote fairness and equality for all of our citizens, and may they listen to wise counsel in humility, for the sake of the common good.  O Lord, hear our prayer.

For the church around the world; we pray for unity.  For the Presbyterian church, we pray for boldness as we try to take stands on the side of the sick, the vulnerable, the poor, and the planet.  We pray for the Presbytery of South Alabama and for Rachel, our new Executive Pastor.  We pray for this congregation in Gulf Shores.  May we become known as a place of healing, of welcome and of refuge to the people of the Gulf coast.  Bless our newly elected elders we pray, with wisdom and creativity, with unity and with love.  Give your people generosity and faith, give our children encouragement, give our leaders vision, that we may be the community of the beloved.     Lord, hear our prayer.


For April 9, 2017,  by W. and Youth
For the Body of Christ throughout our world, that we would grow to understand what it means to truly be one. For the church in Gulf Shores, that we might be united in sharing the good news of your love, grace, and forgiveness. That this congregation would be a beacon of hope in times of despair. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

For our aching, divided nation, that we may humble ourselves and learn to sincerely listen to one another. That we would have the grace and courage to acknowledge our self-serving agendas. That we would tirelessly pursue reconciliation with one another and our world. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

For President Trump, Governor Bentley, Mayor Craft, and everyone in positions of power, that we may be led by people of integrity and justice who seek effective yet compassionate solutions for the problems that plague our community, nation, and world. Lead us to find paths of peace. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

For all of our students as they enter final weeks of the current school year. For those who teach, tutor, and invest themselves in the future of our children. May the halls and classrooms be places for your people to shine the light of your love to a world in need.
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

April 2, 2017  by A. B.

Dear Creator of the cosmos, with deep gratitude and humility we give thanks for this beautiful, life-giving planet.  Open our eyes every day to her magnificence.  May we see you in every creature great and small, in every tree and trail.  May we delight in the birds, the sea, the stars.    With holy respect, we hope to protect and honor your creation, knowing it is a gift from you and of you, knowing it connects us to that which is sacred. May we cherish it, care for the creatures that reside with us, and use it to bless each other. Lord, hear our prayer.

Dear Holy of holies, for the people of the world bring peace and liberty.  FREE those enslaved and give them comfort.   Open doors for refugees so that they may find safety and acceptance.  Change the hearts of terrorists so that plans for death or destruction are disrupted forever.  Protect the vulnerable, especially children, from physical and emotional harm.  Use your love within humanity to end the struggles of social, political, and economic injustice.  Grant relief to those in dire circumstances and fortification to those who put themselves in harm’s way to save others.   Help us to serve, protect, and forgive just as you have.   Lord, hear our prayer.

Dear Peacemaker, you are the beacon we are seeking.  Help us to look toward you and away from screens, which often create anxiety and fear.  Give the leaders of this world, this country, and our community the ability to hear clearly the people they represent.  We lift up President Trump, Governor Bentley, and Mayor Craft.  Bless them with a vision of greatness and strength thru service to others.  Grow in them character, integrity, compassion, and a profound love of humanity.  May they seek the truth and be true to those they serve.  Help us to be examples of the fairness and kindness that we wish to see in all leadership.  Lord, hear our prayer.

Mother and Father of all creation, bless the church.  May church be a sanctuary, a place of peace and mystery; a place to pursue answers, create bonds, and experience happiness.  May church also be a place to inspire us to new levels of goodness and greatness toward others.  Bless the Presbyterian Church around the world and this church in Gulf Shores, to be a light and a refuge for all who are seeking.  May we be the body that does your heart’s work.   Lord, hear our prayer.

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