Greetings From the Ozarks

I’m Steven Kurtz, pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church of Fort Smith, Arkansas.  I’m interested in interacting about my world if it intersects with yours.  Especially about:

  • what’s going on in the world
  • what’s going on in the church in general and the mainline church in particular – and in the Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • what’s going on in the bible – especially in the Lectionary texts, and especially the Gospel text.

I don’t want to be ideological; I want to be post-label – if that is possible; I hope it is.

I’ll post my notes and thoughts about the lectionary texts, and I’ll post my sermons.  I hope for good feedback that will challenge me, expose my weak spots, open new doors of insight, and hear from a wider community.  There are no rules for interaction – no requirements; just have a reaction and a moment to respond.

2 thoughts on “Greetings From the Ozarks

  1. I just realized your location! I am a ” senior” LCMS Lutheran and spent over two years in New Orleans helping with our church’s Disaster Response following Katrina – just sorta ” connected “….. blessings!

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