Essential Vocabulary of Faith

Words that Matter

I was on a church’s web site – a very modern church, all rock and roll and jeans, etc.  (which is fine by me) and went to their page of “core beliefs”.  It was odd.  First I would calle it “old fashioned” in that it seemed to code The Faith in the language of American Evangelical English, circa 1922 (randomly chosen year); full of the residue of the “Fundamentalist vs. Modernist Controversy” (yes, it has a long and noble history).  It was odd that such a modern church would have such a stale way of representing The Faith.  But odder still is that it  was unmoored from the much older anchor, the Ancient Faith of Church at its foundations – but then this is the mistake (in my view) of all of American Evangelicalism, for example, starting with a statement about the bible and then eventually getting around to God and the Trinity; it just strikes me as dis-ordered.

Anyway, I wanted to try my hand at expressing “core beliefs” in a language coded in contemporary American English usage – trying hard (not always successfully, I know) to be jargon-free, and so, accessible.

So, here is the attempt.  Click on “Essential Vocabulary of Faith”  – top of the screen.

One thought on “Essential Vocabulary of Faith

  1. The “core values” blog ends:

    So, here is the attempt.

    Image s

    Something is missing!
    Hope all is well on the Gulf.
    Best regards,

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