About me

I’m a pastor, father of two, amateur musician, and curious about just about everything.  I me 2018 – Version 2love teaching the Bible, which I did at the Evangelical Theological Faculty (undergrad and a bit grad) in Croatia as a mission worker for the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a decade.  Before that, I served two years in Romania. Now my teaching is in the context of a faith community, a local congregation; they are very patient with me.  I love them.

I get bored easily.  I like new music, new approaches to old questions, and new questions.  I value staying open, trying to see alternative perspectives.  I’m aware of how provisional and time-bound our grasp on knowledge has always been, and so must be.

I am convinced of the power of visual “texts” – like pictures and videos.  I spend a lot of time finding them for use in our contemporary worship service.

15 thoughts on “About me

  1. Steven, I found my way here from a comment on our church sermon blog (Western Church). We rarely get comments, so I didn’t even realize it was there for the last month. Was that you? Anyways… I’m also a Moody grad. What year did you graduate?

  2. Yes, me. Class of 1977. You know, for a long time I didn’t want people to know I had the MBI diploma – but then as they say, you are only as sick as your secrets, right? But life is for growing – always, I hope.

  3. Dear Pastor, My name is Bruce and I am writing you from “The Shepherds Guide in the Mobile/Al. Gulf Coast area. Several questions if I may ask them. 1. Have you ever heard of the Shepherds Guide? We are the Christian yellow pages in the Mobile/Al. Gulf Coast area (as well as many area/cities nation wide. 2,Also, would you like to be in the S.G. this year? It is a free AD and for help in printing, all we ask is for a donation of your choice. The basic AD is name address and ph# but for a donation we will install the service times and e-mail or internet address and S/School times. Also sir, if I might lastly add, we here at the S.G. rely on new christian clients from churches in the area such as yours etc. If it is possible to refer us to any christian business in your congregation, such as carpenters, lawyers, Dr’s electricians, plumbers etc. We would be grateful and if it happens that anyone may use our services and take an AD, then we will donate a $25.00 donation to your church. Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you. Warmly Bruce Sims “The Shepherds Guide”

  4. Dear Sir,

    How may I acquire the rights to use a certain photo, i.e. the one of the shepherd and the sheep, walking down a path amid many trees?

    Mr. Scott

  5. please i need to know more about your church and the way you are working with ministry as well as some people worldwide

  6. Pastor Steven,
    I was deeply touched by your comments regarding the experiences you had with Glenn Boyd. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and objective Christian view of his life and death.

  7. Pastor Steven,

    We operate a locals guide for the Gulf Shores to Perdido Key area and I have two questions for you. First we have a section for local churches so that visitors to our area can find a place of worship when they need it and we would love to have an original write-up about your church. We ask that it be 500 words minimum about you organization and you may include up to 5 pictures, would your church be interested? Secondly I am hoping you might add us to your blogroll as people who visit your site might also like ours? I hope to hear from you soon. Rick Dendy

  8. Are you “a mature” or an “amateur” musician? I’m guessing the latter, but the typo in the first sentence could go either way. And I guess you could be both.
    In good humor,

  9. Hi, I noticed your post about William Glenn Boyd. I got to know Glenn through a penfriend organisation (we wrote for many years). I am interested to hear from you. Please reply to this post. Many thanks.

  10. I’ve just discovered your blog and really like your approach to exegesis. Thanks for sharing your insights. I’m rector of Christ Church Episcopal, Las Vegas, but grew up in Birmingham. Blessings!

  11. Hello Steve,

    I found you via the YouTube song by Innocence Mission you posted with beautiful pictures of Autumn.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqUfv89Wts4

    In the description, you do not provide the reference to the material, and to where it was taken from.

    Could you give me a pointer as to where the footage was taken? Is it a documentary?

    It seems like it may have been edited, and that there may be a lot more to the video.

    This is absolutely the best footage of Autumn I’ve ever seen! I’d like to use it (and hopefully find more of this footage) in one of the projects I am working on.

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