“Fearful Faith” quotes from Moltmann’s “The Crucified God”

It’s Holy Week, and I’m reading Jurgen Moltmann’s “The Crucified God”.  Here is what struck me as so poignant for today (it’s hard to remember that he wrote this in 1974, almost 30 years ago).

Fearful Faith


“Faith is fearful and defensive when it begins to die inwardly, struggling to maintain itself and reaching out for security and guarantees.  In so doing, it removes itself from  the hand of the one who has promised to maintain it, and its own manipulations bring it to ruin.  This pusillanimous faith usually occurs in the form of an orthodoxy which feels threatened and is therefore  more rigid than ever.  It occurs wherever, in the face of the immorality of the present age, the gospel of creative love for the abandoned is replaced by the law of what is supposed to be Christian morality, and by penal law.    He who is of little faith looks for support and protection for his faith, because it is preyed upon by fear.  Such faith tries to protect it ‘most sacred things’, God, Christ, doctrine, and morality because it clearly no longer believes that these are sufficiently powerful to maintain themselves.  When the ‘religion of fear’ finds its way into the Christian church, those who regard themselves as the most vigilant guardians of the faith do violence to faith and smother it.” p. 19

“Anyone who reads the ‘signs of the time’ with the eyes of his own existential anxiety reads them falsely.  If they can be read at all, they can be read by Christians only with the eyes of hope in the future of Christ.” p. 21

3 thoughts on ““Fearful Faith” quotes from Moltmann’s “The Crucified God”

  1. Greetings Pastor Kurtz. I’ve just discovered your blog, and have enjoyed your excellent photography and writing. Your picture of sunrise over the Sea of Galilee in this post (http://gulfshoressteven.wordpress.com/2011/04/22/easter-sermon-april-24-2011-john-201-18-see/) is particularly striking.

    May I have your permission to use that picture this Holy Week as my Facebook “cover” image? I’ve titled it and attributed it to you, and promise not to use it for any commercial purpose.

    Thanks for your consideration and have a blessed Easter!

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