Confession 2010

Confession 2010

Here is our pain cry,UK - Oxford - Prison silhouette by Darrell Godliman
here is our prison cell graffiti
here is our 5th amendment waiver
hear our confession:
We have been locked up so long
we have paced the cage
cursed our containment
starred holes in the ceiling
We have acquiesced too quickly
swallowed poison propaganda
kowtowed to Empire
genuflected towards the status-quo consensus
And it is killing us, slowly
we are rotting, souls first.
Look at our atrophy
its embarrassing
now it feels chronic; nearly normal
now it’s all habit and routine
comfortably predictable misery
numb monotony
But this is wrong and we know it
this is not how we were meant to live
this is not what we were made for
this should not be our destiny
prosperity has not borne fruitfulness
our Garden is junk-yard oil-stained
longevity has lengthened our loneliness
we have outlived our reasons
We cannot be silent any longer
whether from true repentance
or merely pain-reflex
heard or not, we must cry out:
Enough of “not enough”!
No more of “a little more”
Our neurons are nauseated
by the salt-sugar-fat Trinity
now we know:
no amount of messages
can fill an inbox without a bottom
no screen, touch or not, can hug or cry, or scream
These are our walls,
this is our incarceration,
for this we traded freedom
can there yet be liberation?
God of Exodus, hear our cry,
Lord, have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy
Set us free
Or we are hopeless
Pry out of our clenched fists,
finger by finger,
(break them open if need be)
your jagged cruciform key

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