Films we recently watched

Films we recently watched include Witness (in Croatian, English subtitles) and The color of Freedom

We recently subscribed to Netflix streaming, so now, since we don’t have one of those nice big new flat screen TV’s that are equipped to stream movies from the internet, we take the macbook and but it on the bed between us and plug in the speakers to the computer speaker system – and wa-la – great sound and a great picture with no DVD to wait for or return.  It works for us.
We just saw two good ones.

Witness is a film probably none of my American friends will watch because it is like all things Croatian: not easy at all at first – but really deep.   The movie presents a story line, then tells it again from another angle, then again from yet another angle.  You keep learning more each time.   Each time it gets more understandable and less understandable – like life, like marriage, like kids, like church, like God, like yourself – “O K,  stop.”  But I mean it.  You may not like it (“What does he mean,” you ask – “the film?  life?  marriage?  kids?  church?  God?  Self?  stopping?”) but there it is.  It’s about family issues, ethnicity and identity, justice, war, expedience, as well as love, trust and hope.  The very end is kitsch – but by the very end, we need it.  Life is a bit like that.   Pass the ice cream.

and The Color of Freedom

The Color Freedom is much better than I was expecting.  It’s from the first person perspective of the man who guarded Nelson Mandela during his 20 years of confinement in South Africa under Apartheid.  The man happens to be a guy who was raised on a rural farm where, with no brothers to play with, he makes friends with the local African tribes kids, learns their language (which is why he is tapped to spy on Nelson Mandela in prison – same tribe) and learns their ways – and is thenceforth permanently conflicted as a white South Afrikaans man – and prison system employee – in the context of an increasingly brutal and increasingly unjustifiable regime.  The original music by Johnny Clegg – another person who though white, grew up to love and embrace African stuff – like music – makes it rich in every way.  The long arc of history bends towards justice as MLK said.  This film helps you believe it.


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