Israel Pages: Tuesday, Dead Sea Day

Us pilgrims atop Masada
Us pilgrims atop Masada

Today: The Dead sea area, including Masada.  This group shot is from the top of Herod’s fortress/palace/zealot’s last stand against the Romans in 70 CE.

We went down to the Dead Sea – the terminus of the Jordan River that begins all the way up in Mt. Hermon in the Golan Heightes, flows down the mountains into the Jordan River, into the “Sea” of Galilee (really a fresh water lake), on down the Jordan River and finally ending at the Dead sea, the lowest point on the face of the earth, 1,385 ft below sea level.  It’s warm there.  The Sea is shrinking fast as water all along the Jordan from start to finish is diverted for agriculture: if you want to make the desert bloom, which Israel has done, you need water; lots.  Even down at the Dead sea there are groves and groves of date palm trees – in a barren wilderness desert!  Amazing.

in the Dead Sea
in the Dead Sea
at Masada
at Masada

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