Prayers for 3rd Lent B

I think this prayer says it all:

his is a prayer based on the gospel lesson for the Third Sunday in Lent, John 2.13-22.

Holy God, in Jesus Christ you have built for us
an eternal house, a temple of righteousness,
a place of gracious plenty for the hungry
and abundant life for the poor in spirit.
Fill us with zeal for the body of Christ.
Overturn the tables of corruption and greed
and upset the imbalance of injustice,
so that we may worship you in spirit and truth;
through Jesus Christ, who is risen indeed.

David posts at his blog “Linen Ephod” – I would make the link convenient, but for some reason when I try, it locks up the whole page and I have to re-set it all.  Is it because I just changed to Safari 4 (beta)?  Perhaps; it used to work for me before I “upgraded”.


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